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wedding bouquet photographed by DH Weddings

Working together as DH Weddings, Annette and Ray are Southampton and Winchester based wedding and event photographers, we keep your memories alive with beautiful images of your special day.

Many brides want their wedding day preparations captured by the camera and find another lady in the room less invasive than a male photographer. As a duo, this means that the groom can also be photographed as he undergoes his last minute preparations.

Unlike most wedding photography services, we offer two photographers at no additional cost to yourselves. Two photographers enables us to capture things as they happen from many different angles, it's not unusual for one of us to capture something the other will have missed.


We can photograph traditional group images, or be more unobtrusive and photograph everything from the background. Many couples like to have a mix of these two styles, we would be delighted to meet with you, have a drink and chat about what best suits you and your day.


Professional, friendly, flexible.

We take pride in offering you a great, personlised photography package for a price that you'll love. Take a look around our site, and be sure to get in touch.

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